Development and Management of
Various Service Platforms

  • Product Activation and Digital Learning Service
  • We provide service software and digital learning programs that enable online education along with authentication services for books and textbooks.

  • QR Educational Content Service
  • Our educational content service allows you to scan the QR code with a smartphone device without the installation of an app or other software for a variety of digital contents linked to our books and textbooks.

  • eBook Service
  • As the global demand for eBooks increase, we have developed our own eBooks with our content along with providing an eBook platform.

  • Audio Smart Pen with OID Sensor Service
  • Our books and textbooks have been coded with fine dots in order to be recognized by an OID sensor. This allows the content to be played back through an audio smart pen. We also operate a download service to provide our content to customers who purchase our smart pens.