*Edutainment : Education + Entertainment

  • Book Sound Design
  • Books provide children with a wealth of experience. These experiences are needed to help expand a child's thought process as they develop. We create book sound designs to stimulate the child's imagination and to bring a story to life.

    This design adds a level of emotions to stories and sound effects to illustrations to bring the page alive. We plan, develop, and create audio content to offer children a new way to learn information.

  • Educational Animation
  • To provoke a child's interest in learning, we develop story animations, musical animations, chant animations, and so much more to convey the stories.

  • Interactive Learning Content
  • We create and develop interactive textbooks, AV content, interactive games, interactive activities, and so much more so the child can fully submerse into the content they are learning.

    In the future, we plan to create and develop an AI education service content that will be able to converse with the child for tutoring purposes.

  • Character Development
  • A child needs toys and characters that will stimulate their imagination. We develop characters for a variety of digital content and edutoys with plans of advancements into various fields.