Welcome to AI Friend.

At AI Friend, we understand our children's generation (Generation Alpha) were born in a time of
artificial intelligence (AI), robots, and technology. We hope to mold these children to better communicate with
their parents and empathize with each other.

Children will be able to grow harmoniously through Book Education. We will continue to provide a fun and
interesting learning environment regardless of time and space as an Edu Tech company.

AI Friend is a company that specializes in publishing, education, content, and Edu Tech. We have been
recognized as a venture company and research institution with a number of technology patents.

Education Publishing

We develop, research, and publish several subjects and topics such as English, science,
math, philosophy, history, creativity, language development, personality, and sociology.
We set the standard for educational course programs and curriculums for daycares,
preschools, and kindergartens.

Smart Learning

We develop mobile and web-based digital workbook,
educational AIOT devices, educational toys, and so much more.
*AIOT devices: artificial intelligence and IoT based devices

Digital Content/Service

We focus on developing various digital content and
learning programs by converging educational publications,
smart learning software, and devices. We also develop and
operate an E-book service for the distribution of electronic
publications and an online learning AI service and platform.

Character Media

We create and produce media, publications, educational toys,
and so much more with characters children will love.